(Solution) CIPD 5C003 Reflect on your own approach to working inclusively and building positive working relationships with others (AC 2.3)


Working in MNGHA, every start of the financial year, a 3 years strategy is often developed involving all the employees. In this plan, my input entail identifying all appropriate stakeholders through a Mendelow Tool analysis. I identify the appropriate stakeholders as including the management , directors, HR teams and external stakeholders who are consultants and the clients. From this, we have established the plan where all the employees interests are holistically managed and integrated to be part of the plan. All feel as part of the organisation with sustainable work relations initiated.


One of the source of feedback was coming from my colleague where we engaged in a discussion and email responses from my current supervisor. Part of this included filling a self-assessment grid.

The strength which I identified as important from the feedback included by ability to embrace professional-based practice and consistency I my input and promoting a trust-based relations which are also strong. I evidence professionalism by embracing integrity, ethics in my practice and accountability of my action.

My weakness however include failing in being updated to the macro and micro trends which are core for growth and development . For instance, the role of technology disruption of the modern working trends is an area I am yet to embrace. This is informed by my lack of enough knowledge on current issues in macro and micro scopes (see below feedback).

Figure 1: Feedback from a colleague

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