(Solution) CIPD 5HR02 approaches that an organisation can take to build and support different talent pools. (AC 3.3)


Talent pools are collection of potential candidates who can help the organisation achieve success (Personio, 2022). An example of a talent pool within BMG could be candidates who fail to get a job because they are fit in other roles that was not described in the job posting. It could also be candidates who qualified, but were not selected as there were many for that position. There are different ways to build and support talent pools:

Career fairs

Career fairs are recruitment events where job seekers meet with potential employers (Aungsuroch et al., 2021). Job seekers attend career fairs to find out more about job openings and it can be an opportunity for BMG to build and support these talents. The advantage of career fairs is that they are a great way for employers to network with potential candidates. Networking helps to gauge candidate experience, and BMG can source talents from a career fair. Career fairs also provide free workshops and learning for candidates to broaden their skills, write and improve their resumes. Its disadvantage is high competition. Crowds of job seekers might flood in a career fair which can make it difficult for recruiters to find suitable candidates.

Re-engaging with unsuccessful candidates

An effective way for BMG to build talent pools is to re-engage with unsuccessful candidates. There are those candidates who applied for job but did not fit for one role, but suitable for another. BMG need to keep these candidates updated of new vacancies, answer their questions and give them feedback and stick to timeframe communicated (Neelie, 2020). These candidates can save time and costs of recruiting new talents. Employer already understand their qualities and do not need to repeat screening process. Its disadvantage skill and knowledge gaps. These candidates may lack the exact required skills and may prompt organisation to invest more on training.

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