(Solution) CIPD 5HR02 evaluation of the techniques used to support the process of workforce planning. (AC 2.2)


The 9-Box Grid

The 9-box grid is a workforce planning tool used to map out the current state of the workforce in terms of performance and potential (Widnyanadita and Syarifah, 2023). Employees are plotted in a grid showing low potential and low performance, and high performance and high potential. Its advantage is that it is easy to use when analysing workforce needs. Employer can be able understand the current state of the workforce in terms of capabilities and take measures for improvement. The disadvantage of this tool is that it uses unclear metrics of measuring individual potential (Personio, 2022). It is difficult to differentiate between individual potential and performance, thus it can lead to bias as people make assumptions.

Scenario planning

In scenario planning, BMG HR manager will imagine of different potential futures that have influence on workforce and business (Ager et al., 2021). These futures include legislations, technologies and general public attitudes. BMG may use this technique to understand its workforce by ranking internal and external factors based on uncertainty (Vulpen, 2021). This can help BMG to create a strategy to minimise risks. It also provides a wider understanding of the environment and help in making decisions. However, the exercise is time consuming. It is not something to do in a day, but needs continuous monitoring. For it to be effective, it needs to be done on regular basis.

HR Dashboarding

With growth in technology, HR dashboard has become an effective workforce planning tool. First, BMG HR manager need to feed the dashboard with information from performance system, payroll, applicant tracking systems and other HR records (Vulpen, 2021). This data is then used to calculate metrics and then displayed in the dashboard. With the dashboard, managers can see individual capabilities and performance. It provides a room to compare employee performance and help to make informed decisions focused on people development. However, this process is expensive. Not all organisations have fully automated HR dashboarding as it is a bit expensive (Vulpen, 2021). Additionally, BMG might need to invest on training to ensure those operating HR dashboard have skills and knowledge to use the system.

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