(Solution) CIPD 5HR02 strengths and weaknesses of different methods of recruitment and selection to build effective workforces (AC 2.4)




Advertisement method of recruitment is about posting jobs where potential candidates can see it (Pejic-Bach et al., 2020). These include paid ads, newspapers and job boards. Its strength is the ability to provide defined roles as employer is clear on what they want and expect from candidates. Jobs ads can also improve employer brand by including organisation mission in the advert. Its weakness is that ads are only limited to active candidates. It is also expensive to pay for ads or advertising jobs in newspapers.

Social media

Social media recruitment is about sourcing candidates from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It has become common due to technology growth and post-pandemic (Ali et al., 2020). Social media strength include ability to reach large talent pool. Organisations are not limited to physical location and therefore, they can increase diversity. Social media recruitment is also fast and time efficient as organisation can reach more people in less time. Its weakness is privacy and potential to attract unqualified talents. Potential law suits from rejected candidates can arise when employers access candidate data without notice.



Interviews are used to select candidates once they have been shortlisted. The strengths of interviews include understanding candidate’s interpersonal and communication skills and gauging their experience and ability to perform job (Maxwell, 2021). They can also be used to provide candidate positive impressions of the company as a better employer. Its weakness is the potential for halo and horns effect. When interviewers have rated candidate good or bad, they can replicate this across the board and reach unbalanced decision (Maxwell, 2021).


References in selection are used to carry our background checks to understand candidates in more detail. Its strength is that references provides employers with factual information about candidate’s overall performance, job title, criminal background and reason for leaving (Maxwell, 2021). The weakness of references is that they offer a limited perspective of candidate’s suitability for the role (Maxwell, 2021). Therefore, selection should not rely solely on references.

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