(Solution) CIPD 5HR03 role of people practice professionals in supporting line managers to make consistent and appropriate reward judgements. (AC 3.2)


Line managers play a crucial role in making consistent and appropriate reward decisions, but they experience challenges. According to Quilliam (2022), line managers are often promoted from the operational roles and do not have much experience in managing rewards. They may find it difficult to make appropriate decisions, understanding the types of rewards and behaviours to rewards. Consequently, they need support from HR professionals.

Support through training

People practice within Body Image need to support line managers by training them on the importance of making appropriate and consistent reward judgement (Quilliam, 2022). The training can cover compliance with legislations, communicating rewards and performance appraisals. Reward practices are influenced by different legislations like equal pay and HR manager should educate line managers on the importance of maintain equal pay. Briefing line managers on the importance of communicating reward practices to ensure transparency can also support decision making process. Furthermore, line managers may need appraisal skills such as setting objectives and review performance. Body Image HR should train line managers on these areas to achieve better decisions.

Provide clear guidelines

Body Image line managers should know exactly what is expected of them in making appropriate and consistent reward judgements (Armstrong and Taylor, 2023). It is the responsibility of HR professionals to support line managers to make objective and informed reward judgement. This includes the importance of using data from difference sources such as organisational data and stakeholder concerns to support decisions. Additionally, people practice has to ensure that line managers understands reward policies, practices and strategies well. For example, HR can provide clear guidelines about pay structure for different roles. Reward judgements should be consistent and appropriate to bring clarity, order and fairness within the workplace. A consistent and appropriate reward decision can make Body Image employees feel satisfied and motivated to be productive (Adomdza, 2022). However, if these decisions are not appropriate and consistent, it can result to perceptions of unfairness, demotivated staff and fail to attract and keep talents.

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