(Solution) CIPD 5HRO2 benefits of diversity in building and supporting talent pools. (AC 3.4)


Benefits of diversity

Diversity at BMG means the company is open to employing employees with differences in gender, sex, religion, education, experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Improved organisation reputation

Diversity in talents can be foundation for BMG to improve its brand image in the minds of job seekers. An organisation that recruits talents from diverse cultural backgrounds can positively boost its employer brand and make it for candidates to relate the brand (Rzemieniak and Wawer, 2021). For instance, SAP Company has a strong reputation for its ability to build talent pools from diverse backgrounds.

Reduced employee turnover

Diversity in talent pools is linked to employee satisfaction, happiness and engagement (Lee et al., 2021). This is because, diversity means the company values and respects people differences. The more talents are happy, the more they are likely to stay longer in the workplace.

Increased skills and creativity

A talent pool consisting of diverse people means that these people have differences in skills, knowledge and abilities (Fine et al., 2020). They can share these abilities and handle difficult problems within BMG. A wider set of skills at BMG can provide the company with an opportunity to adopt to changes in the environment, become innovative and achieve a competitive advantage.

Having diverse talent pools can lead to numerous benefits to BMG. Increasing organisation reputation is a key benefit of diversity. A strong employer brand can bring other benefits like reducing turnover and attracting skilled talents.

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