(Solution) CIPD 3C001 technology within the people profession, utilised to improve working practices and collaboration. (AC1.4)


In the CIPD HR Professional Map, technology and people concepts are categorised as core knowledge (CIPD, 2022a). For people professionals, technologies are relevant for communication, sharing information, keeping records and learning and development. The available technologies for people professionals include;

Social Media Platforms

As evidenced in AIHR (2022) this include the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all critical for harnessing working practices and collaboration. For instance, in workplace activities, it is possible to post information relating to job opportunities, evaluation of fitness of employees to their organisation and communicating to public on the future occurring opportunities. All stakeholders are in a position of engaging actively through social media platforms hence increased collaboration.

Human Resource Information Software (HRIS)-In Oracle (2022), the HRIS is identified as a software solution used for maintaining, managing and processing an in-depth information of the employees and HR linked policies and procedure. The relevance of this tool to people practice professionals is evidenced by its ability for managing overall tasks and processes and at the same time harnessing accuracy in keeping records and reports. To improve workplace, HRIS assists in filling documentation and forms in an electronic manner to reduce physical paperwork to be maintained. Also, it is possible to automate payrolls and other roles for improvement of productivity and efficiencies hence time and money saved appropriately. To enhance collaboration, HRIS is appropriately adopted in harnessing organisation culture and values hence satisfying in collaboration .

Cloud Technology– This is identified in Nankervis et al. (2021) as being a relevant preselection platform core for centralising the HR and business data for an easier accessibility, organising and managing onboarding to payroll, feedback and others. Further, to promote collaboration, communication is improved by this technology and transparency. This is with employees engagement and retention harnessed.

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