(Solution) CIPD With reference to a people practice issue, interpret analytical data using appropriate analysis tools and methods. (AC2.1)


Trends across departments

Trends across the department indicates that marketing had highest number of days lost due to skeletal and COVID symptoms. Finance department also recorded a higher number of days lost at 83 days contributed by COVID 19 and depression. Strategy and innovation, and H&S departments recorded the least number of days lost due to absence rate.

Absence by type

We can see that skeletal issue lost 128 days and COVID 19 symptoms lost 93 days. Most of these days were lost in the marketing, finance, production and health and safety departments. Skeletal problem occurred once, but its impact on the number of days lost was huge. The health issue that had the highest number of occurrence was COVID 19 symptoms but reported 93 loss of working days. We understand that most of employees were affected by the pandemic that caught organisations off-guard. But there is a need for improvement in the workplace to address health concerns. Cardiovascular, depression, stress, operation and injuries are among reasons that fuelled high absence rate.

Absence by gender

Row LabelsSum of Days lostpercentage
Grand Total627100

Male were most affected and recorded higher absence rate (59.3%) which amounted to 372 days lost by males. Women had a lower absence rate (40.7%) with 255 days lost during the period.

Total days lost through absence

The higher absence rate contributed to the loss of many working days. The total number of days lost due to absence were 627 days. The higher loss of working days, the more the company is likely to make losses and experience declined productivity. Therefore, there is a need to take actions to improve employee wellbeing.

Annual total costs through absence based on a 37-hour working week

Hours per day = 37/5 = 7.4 hours

Daily rate = hourly rate x hours per day

Total cost for each employee = days lost by each employee x daily rate

Total annual cost due absence = sum of total costs for all employees

= £64, 111.01

Analysis from table 2 Among the total number of respondents, some had fully agreed, agree, not sue, disagree and others strongly disagree. The key themes identified are respect for others, setting clear targets, effective communication skills and employee recognition for their good work.  Another key theme identified in the department show lack of employee voice because the manager is not open to suggestions, do not allow them to put their views. The manager is task-focused because he wants work to be done based on instructions.

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