(Solution) CIPS 4.0 Sources of Power within the organisation

4.0 Sources of Power within the organisation

4.1 Stakeholders Analysis

Considering Eco2Solar organisation, their stakeholders are grouped into internal, connected, and external (see figure 9);

Figure 9:Eco2Solar Stakeholders Categories

For the leaders, their source of power is unique in the different stakeholders’ categories. The rationale of this is that how they engage the customers, lodistics, UK government and regulators is unique. In this arrangement, to identify the level of power of the Eco2Solar leaders and managers, Mendelow Matrix can be used in the stakeholders analysis (see figure 10);

Figure 10:Mendelow Matrix Stakeholders Analysis

Low-Interest, High-Power- UK government and energy sector regulators have a high power on any action being pursued by Eco2Solar leadership. They facilitate the leaders with appropriate policies and legislations which they use in their operations. They need to be kept informed with up-to-date information on progress of Eco2Solar in assisting achievement of the 20% increase in renewable energy use by 2020. 

High-Power, Low-Interest- These are keep satisfied and include management and directors who work under Eco2Solar leadership. They leverage on high power due to their influence to the entire organisation. For instance, they have the power of withholding any budgetary allocation if leaders are not accountable.

High Power, High-Interest- Procurement teams, manufacturers, customers and end users belong to this category. They have high power over the leaders as the success of any of their decision is dependent on scope of their success in executing their assigned roles.

Low-Power, High-Interest- The suppliers, competitors and other connected stakeholders do not have a significant power over Eco2Solar organisation leadership. This is since they operate strategically and base their power on market forces.

4.2 Sources of Individual Power

As evidenced in CIPS Notes CIPS (2021a), the rationale of focusing on sources of individual power is to evaluate the success of existing relationship…………………………………….

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