(Solution) Forward planning (CPPD) and self-reflection


1.4 Forward Planning (CPPD) and Self-reflection

1.4.1 Forward Planning (CPPD)

Skills Gaps and Plans to Specialize

As a HR practitioner majorly working as an administrator of other HR officers, I appreciate that having the right skills is a major limitation to the officers. This had also been a challenge to me, where I managed this by concentrating more on the areas that are of much interest to me as an individual and future as a HR practitioner. According to CIPD (2019d), after an enrolment to an organization, induction programs are important as they reveal on the employee skills and their capability. This is identified as an opportunity of meeting with their colleagues, to be familiar with the business environment and being introduced to their roles (Ingersoll, 2012). Despite of the induction programs being majorly applicable for all employees, it is better if implemented to the young employees since the transition from education to employment is often traumatic and disorienting leading to minimal confidence levels (CIPD, 2015).

In skills specialization, one of the areas I have leveraged in optimum is the CIPD Managing Future Talent Guide CIPD (2014), which notes that young population benefits maximum from detailed objectives, feedback, opportunities to harness an upward communication and to guide skills development. In my roles, I have majorly benefited from mentoring and coaching support opportunities which are provided by line managers. As one of my best future practice, I would consistently engage my peers and colleagues in supporting the process of development of critical skills that I would not possess and in times, I feel less at ease with the senior management.  I hold the view that with hard work and specializing in a specific area of placement, more opportunities would be established to work and gain formal qualifications. An appropriate instance is an improved joint partnership between private entities and universities to deliver work-based degrees (CIPD, 2015).

Personal Development and Work-life Balance

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