(Solution) learning log of a range of Activities in a CIPD programme


Development Plan
Name: Membership Number:
Covering Period From: February 2020 To: February 2021
What Do I want/need to learn? What will I do to achieve this? What resources or support will I need? What will my success criteria be? Target dates for review and completion
To be able to solve 80% of all problems faced and decision making in all projects I am involved in one years’ time

The need to learn is informed by the need to actualize faced challenges in different HR areas with the decisions made being informed by this

By the end of April, I intend to;

Attend challenging and engaging sessions that inform on best practice in decision making

By the end of August,  expose myself to experiences that help me to understand common issues in HR management and possible solutions

CIPD Reading materials

Journal publications

Seminars (HR seminars)

Participating in education programs

Engage professors and classmates to understand their views and experiences

Co-curricular  activities in HR learning and development

Improved decision and problem-solving skills

High-level confidence in my roles

Professional approach in dealing with workplace conflicts

1st February -31st August 2020


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