(Solution) Oakwood International 3C004 Task Four – Briefing Paper


Prepare a briefing paper, aimed at providing Healthcare on Hand’s management team with essential knowledge and understanding of performance management and reward. You need to ensure that you include an explanation of:

  • the purpose and components of performance management. (AC 4.1)
  • the main factors that need to be considered when managing performance. (AC 4.2)
  • different methods of performance review. (AC 4.3)
  • key components (financial and non-financial) that are required to achieve an effective total reward system. (AC 5.1)
  • the relationship between reward and performance, and the links to motivation. (AC 5.2), and provide
  • at least two reasons for treating employees fairly in relation to pay. (AC 5.3)

Your evidence must consist of:

  • Briefing paper (Approximately 1500 words, refer to CIPD word count policy). 

Important note: At Foundation Level you


Task Four – Briefing paper

Explain the purpose and components of performance management. (AC4.1)  If you use secondary sources you should include your short references in the narrative here. Wordcount: Approximately 250 words.
According to CIPD (2022f), performance management is a procedure used to maximize the value that employees contribute. This is a timely technique, although one that has been implemented holistically. The different purposes of performance management are; Developing meaningful and progressive feedback– According to Ten Cate et al (2015), this plays the role of ensuring that employees receive annual performance reviews and official evaluations of their prior performance. One example is health on Hand, which makes sure to continuously pursue performance management notwithstanding the situation at hand. Teamwork practice, collaborative practice and communication– O’Daniel and Rosenstein (2008) claim that people who work as professionals offer adequate techniques to build a proper sense of community and teamwork inside an organization. With regard to Health on Hand, they might accomplish real-time involvement for cohesion and a team-oriented strategy by employing strategies like 360-degree feedback ( Fleenor et al., 2020). The essential elements or elements that make up performance management include; Workplace policies and procedures To guarantee that all parties engaged and teams successfully follow their objective and strategy, this is crucial. In light of the Health on Hand organization, this may include SMART Objectives established to guarantee the success of healthcare provided. Having a relevant and progressive feedback process for individual performance makes sure that the staff members are aware of their potential improvement areas. Performance management Data They must make sure that successful performance management is achieved for the various personnel and teams. This positively impacts both team and individual performance and ensures that an organization can function as a team. All the while, they are actively working together to fulfill the organization’s goals. Job DescriptionsThrough performance management, all obligations are spelled out and coordinated with the rewards offered, professional advancement opportunities, and contract stipulations. For instance, the organization Health on Hand would make sure that their performance management includes lectures, job simulations. These job descriptions are crucial because they make sure that each employee understands their specific responsibilities. This is because they actively play roles that are different from those of others in the organization.  
Explain factors that need to be considered when managing performance. (AC4.2) If you use secondary sources you should include your short references in the narrative here. Wordcount: Approximately 250 words.
In order to promote continual progress in terms of skills, behaviors, and positive contributions, a good culture must be created, according to CIPD (2022g). Among the performance management components to complete the process are: Level of skill- To comprehend the scope of the efforts that need to be made, it is crucial to identify the skill level while managing performance.  Diamantidis & Chatzoglou (2019) contend that understanding the effectiveness of the teams inside an organization requires that members of those teams possess the necessary skill levels. Additionally, the performance management procedure would handle job performance and career success effectively. Availability of resources- The availability of resources is crucial for performance management since it allows for highly accurate planning and scheduling of management tasks. According to Carter Andrews et al. (2019), the result of this is the assignment of suitable persons with the necessary abilities and skills to carry out their responsibilities. Level of motivation- The amount of motivation is crucial to determining how much motivation is implemented at the individual and departmental sectors as part of performance management. For example, as part of performance management, the more motivated each employee is, the more productive and effective they are.  
Explain different methods of performance review. (AC4.3) If you use secondary sources you should include your short references in the narrative here. Wordcount: Approximately 250 words.

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