Speech 3: Pretty Persuasion Persuasion speech

Persuasion: Urging, influencing, or enticing through language in a manner that is not constraining or threatening. The word persuasion originally comes from a Latin word that means ‘sweet’ and is related to the Greek word for ‘pleasure’ or ‘sweetness’. According to the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno, persuasion is represented by an open hand rather than a closed fist. Persuasion involves three appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos.

Informal definition: An attempt to influence, convincing someone, has more to do with pathos, where as argument has more to do with ethos.

Argument: A form of rational persuasion. The word argument comes from the Latin word for ‘silver’ and literally refers to making an idea clear. An argument consists of three parts: claims, reasons, and assumptions.

Informal definition: An attempt to persuade someone to believe or do something. (web.syr.com)

Please keep it simple. It is for speech 101. Technique of speech

The persuasive speech you prepare and present for this class may be either a speech to convince or a speech to actuate. As you would expect, your topic should deal with a problem or issue which is interesting to you and which is important and relevant to your classmates.

A speech to convince should be designed to change audience attitudes and/or beliefs. Although you will probably wish to build upon attitudes or beliefs we already hold–as well as evidence and reasoning–you will not have successfully convinced us unless you have persuaded us to adopt new attitudes or beliefs.

A speech to actuate should be designed to change audience behavior. You may urge us to take a specific action (donate, purchase, attend, join, give, walk) or to adopt a specific policy or credo which would affect future behaviors.

Select a topic that is first of all important/interesting to you. Also remember your audience, what is important/interesting to them.
Persuasive speech: Stringent measures should be put in place to co-exist with GMOs
On the general purpose of this persuasive speech, all my audience will be conversant with the controversial nature of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and hence be persuaded on the need of having a coexistence with them. Ideally, the dangers of GMOs to the human life supersede all the benefits linked to it by FDA and biotechnologists. Human life is incomparable, and hence GMOs should be banned inconsequentially. This is, however, impossible; the only solution is human coexistence with GMOs. In this speech, I will focus on persuading you on the dangers of GMOs, their existence, benefits and side-effects and the reason why you need to coexist with them safely.
For the specific purpose, the outcomes of this speech will persuade and make my audience convinced that GMOs are both good and bad. On the positive side, they are strategically designed for higher resistance to viruses and pests, containing high nutritional value and longer shelf-life. On the contrarily, GMOs exhibit huge………..Please click the paypal icon below to receive this essay for only $10