Speech of Commemoration Leadership Personality


Your final speech will be a commemoration speech that addresses a specific character that exemplifies memorable or exemplary values. What character in fiction or nonfiction has most inspired you, motivated you, propelled you into a positive direction? This speech is more performative in nature, so I encourage you to be creative and think outside of the box. Costumes and props are not necessary, but highly encouraged. Also, in this assignment you are free to transcend the realm of reality to a certain degree. This creative and humorous sort of approach is acceptable.

Length: Between 3-4 minutes

Required Materials:

1. Typed outline of your speech

2. MLA formatted works cited page


· Continue to increase organization, content, and delivery skills gained from previous speeches.

· Commemorate a topic of interest to you and your audience in a memorable fashion.

o Speak extemporaneously


· Although this speech will not follow the strict organization guidelines of previous speeches, it should include some of the following important aspects of organizing a speech:

o Introduction

§ Attention getting statement

§ Main idea

§ Preview of main points

o Main points

§ 2-3 main points that elaborate the reasons your subject exemplifies value

§ at LEAST 2 outside sources.

o Conclusion

o Explicit recap of why the topic is memorable.

Checklist for submitting required materials:

1. Outline (due the day you give your speech)

2. Works cited pages with at least two sources in MLA format.


Speech of Commemoration: Leadership Personality – “Sheikh Mohammed, Dubai.”
Attention getter: “The word impossible is inexistence in the dictionaries of leaders. Irrespective of the size of the challenges, having unshakable faith, determination and resolve will eventually overcome all of them”. Sheikh Mohammed.
Thesis: The purpose of this speech is commemorating on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid on his contributions to the modern leadership and socio-economic position of UAE on the global map. This is through establishing a form of leadership that has people based power full of integrity.
Preview: Sheikh Mohammed was a visionary leader from Dubai, UAE. His leadership skills and style converted the city of Dubai to be…Please click the paypal icon below to receive this essay for only $10