Student weakness in Health Policy and Promotion Ensuring Student Competency in Healthy Policy and Promotion in Master’s Program

a student has indentified weakness in health policy and promotion during his master’s program. 1. what can this student complete to improve in the topic “health policy and promotion”? (1 paragraph and 1 apa source) 2.make a recommendation to his classmates who might need assistance on his or her remediation in the topic “health policy and promotion” sources etc (1 paragraph and 1 apa source)
Ensuring Student Competency in Healthy Policy and Promotion in Master’s Program
The Health Policy and Advocacy specialization is designed to prepare students to advocate, influence, and implement public policies, programs, and systems that facilitate healthy behaviors and are conducive to people’s health. It is aimed at assessing a public health problem and articulates the health, fiscal, administrative, legal, social, and political implications of solving the problem with policy strategies and behavioral education (Catallo, Spalding & Haghiri-Vijeh, 2014). Despite the importance of health policy and promotion, many students have always found challenges due to a general void in the systematic teaching of advocacy and the related skills necessary for translating science into public policy and thus making students feel incompetent in translating science into public policy. In this regard, a student needs to apply a significant number of strategies in order to improve his/her understanding of this course. Firstly, the fact that textbooks for comprehensive health advocacy rarely exist in master’s program, the student should make use of a series of articles, reports, and book excerpts that are readily available on the internet. Such materials are very beneficial since they expose a student to wider knowledge content. In order to address timely health-policy issues, the student can access and utilize other reading materials including recently healthy-policy newspaper articles or advocacy reports (Catallo, Spalding & Haghiri-Vijeh, 2014).In addition, a significant improvement in health policy and healthy promotion policy can only be realized through drawing concepts on case studies and direct experiences so as to policy theory, learning objectives, and skill sets.
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