Textual Analysis Essay The End-of-Life Decision Making


The selected work is an ethnically diverse literature source. This is evidenced by its focus which is on the racial and ethnically diversity and end-of-life decision making for the sake of identifying the present fundamental findings and offering recommendations for future practice research. From the work, I will argue that the existence of diverse racial or ethnic groups in the society is a major challenge towards the realization of all-inclusive healthcare services and better preparations for future end-of-life care. Through this, I will also establish if the ethnicity or cultural background of an individual has a significant role to play in determining the date of their death.
Interesting Concept in the Paper
In the selected work, the authors only delved on evaluating the role of diverse racial or ethnic and cultural backgrounds in decision-making on sourcing of quality healthcare. As noted by Kwak, Jung, and WHaley, (699) “people from racial or ethnic minority norms impacts the practices in the end of life since the religious and cultural beliefs and standards can offer them with meanings of their illness and provide them with a guidance of making appropriate decisions on their treatment and care options”. Nevertheless, it is clear that the authors assumed the extent in which these factors equally determine when an individual will die. For instance, Krakauer et al. (183) noted that despite existence of a broad range of research on diversity and end-of-life issues, it is not clear on the extent in which ethnic practices can lead……..Please click the paypal icon below to receive this essay for $10 only