The Global-Local Tension: Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao Leading with “International Values and Local Roots”

The Global-Local Tension: Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao Leading with “International Values and Local Roots”

Question 1: Meaning of Global Values Local Roots

This is a strategy which is adopted by Colao in their best practice in operating in their highly competitive business environment. In particular, it entails having a positive relationship between the domestic integration and transactional interactions in the domain of civic organisations. Simply put, this is a strategy where their organisational model entail the different International Values and Local Roots focusing on maintaining and harnessing productive tension of the global mandates and local practices.

Question 2: How the Leader moto “Comply or Justify” shaped Vodafone Organisational Design

Considering how the leader is pursuing their roles, it is clear that Vodafone business design is substantially personalised with multiple economies and the consumer groups being served. Therefore, considering Vodafone contemporary approaches of doing business, this is best appropriate for the traditional service styles. The traditional service styles involved a situation where the seller or the provider of a service was in a constant and direct contract with the consumers they were serving. The outcome of such a relationship is the organisation design being set and established in a manner that is best serving the intent and interest of the entire region consumers.

Therefore, organisation embrace a broad network of service shops in the entire globe/international with different operational departments representatives. By these players being available in the leadership hierarchy of Vodafone, they are in a position of achieving their assigned roles and organisation objectives holistically. The outcome of this is being in a direct contact with all the clients which are broad and operating in different areas. This is while also listening and resolving all questions in line with best mutually suitable and appropriate policies in place.

The different services ought to have a detailed consumer orientation for business in a manner that needs people to engage with each other. Therefore, the manner in which individuals and services departments are interacting ought to possess the identified structure which is more open to the public review and evaluation of the level of people interaction. Therefore, considering the business model being used by Vodafone, it can be identified as appropriate and best fitting and hence relevance in its use.  

Question 3: Assess of Description of Colao as Benevolent Dictator It is valid to describe Colao as a Benevolent Dictator.  A benevolent dictator is identified as an individual who makes the final decision making and who,…….

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