Theory Development in Nursing Student Improving weakness in Nursing Theory Concept

a student has indentified weakness in nursing theory. 1. what can this student complete to improve in the topic “nursing theory”? (1 paragraph and 1 apa source) 2.make a recommendation to his classmates who might need assistance on his or her remediation in the topic “nursing theory.” for examples, sources etc (1 paragraph and 1 apa source)
How to Improve Understanding of Theory in Nursing
Making theory relevant is one of the main challenges that most of the nurses students face. However, theories are critical and core of nursing profession. Theory tells us what nurse’s look forward to become and without nursing theories, we cannot understand what nursing is all about (Chinn & Kramer, 2014). My friend always has a problem with understanding the key aspects in most of nursing theories. He always criticizes them and pointing out some of the weakness.There are several things I can always do to help him improve his competency in nursing theory. The first thing is read the theory on my own so as to have a deeper understanding of its relevance. Then, I need to present the theory in a historical approach. This way, I will encourage him to identify the context in which the theory was developing, note the purposes of the theory, and the needs of the individual who developed it.
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