wk 5 db Theory Development in Nursing inherent weaknesses in change theory

professional socialization relates to the manner in which we learn the roles and functions of being a nurse once we enter the healthcare system. what are some of the ways this socialization occurs in your place of employment, and do you believe it leads to effective assumption of the nursing role? this socialization occurs in a patriarchal healthcare system that still remains predominantly male physician-based. discuss the impact, you believe, this has on socialization to the nursing role. identify an area of practice where change theory may find applicability. provide examples to support your answer. comment on the inherent weaknesses in change theory that may impact real life situations or give rise to difficulties in the process of applying this theory.
Being a nurse is a part of socialization which involves internalization and development of professional identity. Professional socialization is essential in nursing practice as it is considered as a process that begins on day one of the formal education programs and continues as learners graduate and enters the workforce ( Zarshenas et al., 2014).
Professional socialization occurs through a combination of professional education and clinical experience despite that professional socialization begins in nursing school, socialization is more evident when new graduates begin work in a healthcare organization. In my working place, effective socialization outcomes are achieved often t..Please click the paypal icon below to receive this solution at only $5