Extended Essay in Business & Management Summer Breeze LLC. Operations Expansion Strategy

Question: Extended Essay

Business Management HL

“To what extent will summer breeze llc benefit from expanding its operations into new locations of Abu Dhabi to pursue there long term aim of growth across UAE”



The primary objective of this essay is answering the research question “to what extent will Summer Breeze llc. benefit from expanding its operations into new locations in Abu Dhabi to pursue their long-term aim of growth across UAE?”

The identified question is evaluated with lenses of Business and management theory to Summer Breeze LLC Marketing strategy and expansion approach and later developing an analysis of the theory. This is done to evaluate how it could lead to an achievement of their long-term aim of growth across UAE. The information for adoption of this theory has been sourced from both the primary and secondary sources.

The primary and secondary analysis has revealed that Summer Breeze LLC mainly relies on market expansion strategy which entails selling their current products in a new market. It is evident that their strategy is caused by several issues which include the current competition leading to limited opportunities for growth and expansion in their current market. Since the company is small in its market share and capital investment, the need to find new uses for their products necessitates the need for market expansion strategy.

The primary and secondary analysis equally demonstrates that the company leverages from the product expansion and diversification as part of their expansion strategy. This is done through adding new features in their operations to enhance an increase in their sales and profits. Also, as they continue selling in their current markets, they also add new products since the older ones get phased out by the technology advancement. The strategy is similar to their diversification strategy which is achieved through selling new products in new markets. This is accomplished through a careful and adequate plan that attains the diversification growth strategy.

This essay concludes that the Summer Breeze LLC expansion strategy has been the source of the benefits they have leveraged as they strived in achieving their long-term aim which is growing across UAE. Notably, the marketing strategy and adopted expansion strategy in the organization is a significant source of their success.

Word Count :337

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction. 4

2.0 Methodology. 5

2.1 Theory Used. 5

3.0 Body. 5

3.1 Background. 5

3.2 Research Findings and Analysis. 8

3.2.1 Primary Data. 8

4.0 Application of Theory. 11

4.1 SWOT Analysis. 11

4.2 Steeple Analysis. 11

4.3 Force Field Analysis. 13

4.4 Market Expansion Strategy. 14

4.5 Product Expansion and Diversification. 14

5.0 Conclusion. 15

References. 17

Appendices. 18

Appendix 1: Interview Script 18

Appendix 2: Customers Survey. 19

1.0 Introduction

In the currently extended essay, I will answer the question “to what extent will Summer Breeze llc. benefit from expanding its operations into new locations in Abu Dhabi to pursue their long-term aim of growth across UAE?” Since its introduction, Summer Breeze has transformed from a small local restaurant to a market leader in UAE hospitality industry. Apart from selling snacks, the company has expanded its scope of products significantly since their opening, selling other savourly dishes such as basic sandwiches and pasta alongside multiple appetizers and salads (Summer Breeze, 2017).  The products offered by the company are not only based on meeting their different needs but also assisting them in feeling as being part of their services delivery and active participation in the services delivery. These practices assist the company in having an overall positive gain on the entire market. Hence, the success and market expansion of Summer Breeze LLC is ideal for understanding the best practice in the hospitality industry and the extent in which other companies can expand in the markets they venture.

I will be focusing on Summer Breeze predominantly in the context of the customer’s management topic of the business and management syllabus. In the active research process for this report, it has been identified that the customer management, diversification, and market expansion are critical elements of a company success which are all areas of interest in the hospitality industry. The products and services delivered by Summer Breeze llc form the primary sources of their profits and success. In this case, marketing is equally a critical aspect as the existing, and potential customers must be aware of the available products and leverage on accessing them for their use as a fundamental aspect of company success. Taking into account of the above factors, the focus on market expansion strategy, product expansion, and diversification strategy since they represent the foundation of Summer Breeze expansion strategy. The management of the organization marketing strategy is, for instance, irrelevant to the identified research question.

A noticeable and ever growing business in the UAE is restaurants and fast food chains. Over the past 10 years, there are multiple restaurants started in Dubai succeeding and failing in equal measures. For the most successful restaurants, they practice impeccable customer service, location, food quality, consistency, atmosphere, and décor in restaurants and their products. Initially, the choice for Summer Breeze was not the ideal choice due to its size since there were other companies to focus upon. Additionally, having a broad choices of food in my reach is an aspect of utmost importance to be focused, and this can be used to inform the interaction with business and restaurants to become more successful as opposed to others. It is also ideal to establish the extent in which the location of a restaurant plays a significant role in leading to consistent high success.

2.0 Methodology

To evaluate the benefits accrued by Summer Breeze llc from the expansion of their operations into new locations of Abu Dhabi in pursuit of their long-term aim of growth across UAE, a research was carried out using interviews and customer’s surveys. Secondary sources were used to evaluate the validity of the obtained data from interviews and customer’s surveys. In this case, the secondary sources included case studies, magazine articles, and blog posts were used. The rationale of this is that a comprehensive understanding of the UAE hospitality industry was ideal to relate the success of the company in relation to their expansion…………………………………………………….Please contact us to receive this assessment in full based on your selected topic of IBM Essay

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