Formative Assessment 3 (40572/18) 7RTM


You have just landed your first graduate role working in a call centre undertaking some resourcing for the business. The call centre is constantly busy, but you are expected to get the staff in and interested in the role. Discuss how you would effectively, efficiently, lawfully and professionally conduct yourself in such an environment. What short/term planning would you undertake and how would you go about it?


The quality of the customer service that we offer to our clients can truly make or break our business, today more than ever. No matter how great our product or services are, our business will struggle to grow and prosper if our customer service recruiting just isn’t good enough.

This is true for every industry. Having a top-notch staff providing support for our customers can take our business to the next level while offering our customers a poor customer service experience can set us back – both in terms of profit and reputation.

Customer service is often seen as a thankless job, filled with stress and angry customers yelling at you. While it’s not all bad, it’s certainly not something that anyone can do. According to some authors (Tara Duggan, 2018; David Galic, 2016) If we want to find employees who are going to be a great asset to our customer service team, here are some very important traits we should be looking for during the recruiting and interviewing process.


If staff is not a “people person,” she/he is probably not going to be a good customer service representative, no matter how hard she/he tries. Customer service is all about talking to people and helping solve their problems. They also talking to a wide variety of different types of people. This means that if they not personable enough to talk to and deal with people from all walks of life, they are not going to have success as a customer service agent.

Quick on Their Feet

One of the best and most challenging things about working as a customer service agent is that all of his/her days a different. Sure, they might be answering calls, emails and web chats all day, every day, but they are always speaking to new people and solving new problems.

Staff never know when they are going to get an angry customer that they going to have to try and calm down. they never know when they are going to have to lead a customer through a very long troubleshooting adventure in order to find a solution for them. And since the job is so unpredictable, they really need to be able to think quickly and react quickly to whatever comes your way. When I am interviewing my candidates, it’s a good idea ………………………………………………………………………………………………Please contact us to receive guidance, support and tutorial services on this assessment in full Customised to your expectations

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