Innovation–EIT6210 Develop a market-pull innovation idea using the six-stage process model


Total Marks:40% of final course final grade. Course Learning Outcomes: 1 and 3.

NB: If your ADSM student ID ends in an even digit then select a product for this assessment; if
your ADSM student ID ends in an odd digit then select a service for this assessment.
Task Components and Requirements:
1. Introduction (5%)
2. Problem Observation: Using various elements from the course sessions, list 3 different problems
that exist in your daily life. Review all three of them according to indirect and direct intelligence
(Session 5) and address how the needs that you have found represent unmet or underserved needs (5%)
3. Problem Definition: Select one of the three problems for further development then produce a one sentence problem definition statement for that problem.Also, list answers to the following
elements that describe the root cause of the problem:Who?What?Why?Where?When? (5%)
4. Idea Generation: Using a brainstorming approach, list five to ten possible solutions to the problem that you have identified – try to open the ideas to the widest range of possibilities (5%)
5. Idea Synthesis: Using an analytical approach, organize your brainstorming ideas into groups. List
any possible ways that you could merge two or more ideas or reshape ideas to make them more
practical (5%)
6. Idea Evaluation: Using the three criteria proposed in Session5 for judging the best solution,rate
the proposed solutions by feasibility, usability, and an estimation for market opportunity (5%)
7. Solution Implementation: Write a short paragraph on how you might implement the solution that
you selected in stage five.Would you want to partner with an existing company or develop the idea
as an entrepreneur? How complicated is the solution and what do you think would be the major
problems with implementation? (5%)
8. Conclusion (5%)
The grading rubric is based on the six-stage problem-solving model presented in session five of the
Innovation course. The final grade will reflect how your final report addresses each of the six stages.
The format of the assessment is a word document report to be submitted by LMS according to the
instructions in the course syllabus. Note that this is an individual assessment task and assistance
from others is not permitted as per ADSM academic integrity policies.
The word limit for the report is 2000-2500 words. Please include references that are used


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