NUR 655 Quadruple Aim and Framework Paper


the professor’s instructions: participant will identify a segment of the health care delivery system in the context of the quadruple aim they would like to impact (i.e. population health, patient experience, provider experience, or cost per capita). within that segment, the participant will then select an actual/potential practice (dnp students) or research (phd students) project and a business case/cost analysis or business plan framework to address their selected project. the participant will provide an overview of the quadruple aim segment and framework with rationale (why and how it applies to the specific project). be sure to utilize evidenced based, peer reviewed articles related to this particular framework. explain how the selected framework pertains to the project proposal by integrating or using an example in the discussion. utilize the business case/cost analysis or business plan framework identified, develop a business plan/analysis for the identified project. important – this proposal should include: an introduction with a thorough project description including a project goal and desired outcome; overview of the overall quadruple aim and the specific qa segment (i.e. population health, patient experience, etc.); overview of the selected framework; rationale for selection; synthesis of evidence-based peer reviewed literature; financial analysis pertinent to the framework and project; an executive summary that provides an overview of the project and the expected benefits to be derived (i.e. return on investment – roi; access, quality, and cost). throughout this paper, it is required to integrate and synthesize evidenced based peer reviewed literature (10 – 15 pages, double spaced, apa style).


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