Why did you choose this Topic?

Since I am majoring in project management, I was pessimistic on the role of social media as an essential tool for building brand awareness. Social media use in the contemporary society has become a norm since it is hard to find an individual who does not use the social media platforms in their daily practices. A similar phenomenon has been prevalent among the modern business operations where the use of social media has accelerated to the extent that they invest millions of resources for social media promotions. Irrespective of whether an organization sells smartphones accessories or anti-ageing skincare products, it is duly obligated to harnessing their power and versatility of social media usage. In my career, I have noted that millions of brands are currently competing top ensure that they attract attention to its buyers. However, the major challenge is ensuring that the brand is outstanding among the rivals who have equally adopted the social media platform. However, the significance of brands awareness in organizations is insignificant. The already existing research has not been in a position of capitalizing on evaluating the role of social media in building brand awareness. My dissertation will evaluate on this aspect in depth and develop a credible recommendation on the best approach that companies can adopt in ensuring that they leverage the power of social media in gaining brand awareness.

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